Regular chiropractic care can provide relief from stress-releated pain

Particularly in today’s tough economic times, stress and anxiety can contribute to your aches and pains.  According to a recent AP poll millions of Americans suffer from stress related pain and headaches. “If your stress-related pain is not resolving on its own, visit your doctor of chiropractic. Working in partnership with your other health care providers, your doctor of chiropractic can offer a whole-person approach to health and wellness,” writes Dr. Manceaux, president of the Amercian Chiropractic Association.  Chiropractic care is a natural approach to pain relief utilizing chiropractic adjustments to restore the function of misaligned or fixated spinal segments.  At altacare we tailor each treament plan to your unique condtion.  You will work one on one with a Doctor of Chiropractic to acheive your pain relief and wellness goals.